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Employee Volunteering Giving Back — It's Our New Standard

We're a bit obsessed with all aspects of dance.

Dance is the cornerstone to all we do, and our dancers is why we do it. We’re passionate about connecting our dancers — the world’s most dedicated learners, teachers, performers and influencers — to the very best in dance education, dancewear, jobs, digital and video content, software solutions, industry information and partnership opportunities.

Our unwavering dedication to dancer experience results in a loyalty and trust in AEBG and its brands.

Dance Obsession

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AEBG Research at a Glance

Science always beats assumptions, trends, and so-called best practices. AEBG Research turns data into meaningful market knowledge through in-depth analysis, innovation, and insight. Learn more

AEBG Research
dance studio businesses in US
people employed by US dance studio businesses
expected annual employment growth
dance competition and convention event businesses in US

Dance Studio Owner Central

Dance Studio Owner Types
3 Types of Studio Owners

Teacher, entrepreneur, or all of the above? Learn the pros and cons of these three most typical paths taken.

Dance Studio Analytics
Web Analytics: Vanessa Who?

Are your web traffic stats telling you what you really need to know? See how one setting can change the entire story it tells you.

Dance Studio Revenue
Forecasting Revenue

Perhaps one day we’ll learn to control the rain by dancing. Until then, like revenue, accurate forecasting will help you navigate better.

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Dance Academy Brand
The Danceful Brand
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