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DanceLova is an online retailer of dance apparel. It offers premium quality dancewear while maintaining mid-range affordable prices. DanceLova's approach to design is closely linked to its customers. Its ideas for creative product lines including Blue Rack, Habit and Moda have each been shaped by the ever-changing desires and demands of its customers. At its core, the brand promotes style, individualism, and confidence.

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Dance Academy is DanceLova's own brand of school for dance education. The Dance Academy in Irvine, CA was the first to open in Q3 2012. A second branch in Tustin, CA opened in Q4 2015. Both locations offer a variety of popular dance classes including classical ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and world dance. The brand aligns itself closely with the characteristics of a good lifestyle including positiveness, health and discipline.

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TheDanceful.com launched in Q3 2015 and is an online destination that caters to audiences that crave for the important stories, how-to's, inspiration, videos, and industry updates that span across the world of dance. Its sole mission is to empower dance students, parents, professionals, and dance school owners with the information they each require to make educated decisions that contribute to a more successful dance life whether an academic, professional, or entrepreneurial one.

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DanceSoda is an employment-related website for dance job listings. It is primarily used to help dance professionals seeking work to find employment openings and contract work opportunities that match their dance background and location. DanceSoda allows job seekers to apply directly to jobs on its website as well as resume posting and storage. It launched in Q4 2015 and is currently available only in the United States.

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Dance Answers is an internet-based knowledge exchange launched in Q4 2015. The reference website is solely dedicated to dance-related topics. It uses wiki-based technologies to offer a community-generated social knowledge Q&A platform for its users, which are primarily dancers, choreographers, teachers, students and enthusiasts.

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